Antidepressant Proposer iOS app

This app is designed to help budding psychiatrists become familiar with the various properties of more than 30 antidepressants. It proposes potentially appropriate antidepressants based on various patient and clinical factors. This is intended purely for education, and is not meant as an authoritative clinical decision making tool. This is no substitute for the critical thinking of an experienced physician when choosing antidepressant therapy.

After any ranking, please refer to the Scoring Explanations, which provide direct links to UpToDate articles as well as primary literature.

By downloading or using this program, the user shall indemnify and hold harmless Theodore Huzyk and Theodore Huzyk, MD Inc from and against any claims, demands, or causes of action whatsoever, without limitation.

Now available on Apple’s App Store

Antidepressant Proposer for iOS